Our studio offers a range of different solutions to choose from according to the various needs: models created for various sectors with ad hoc techniques and materials, which enhance the features of each model to achieve excellent results, designed to comply with the needs of the customer in every respect.  Each work can be shipped worldwide and delivered with the support legs and the protective plexiglass dome.

Illuminated and dynamic models

Illuminated and dynamic models, created according to customer requirements with the aim of enhancing every single detail, making it an integral part of the overall project.
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Models for exhibition stands and museums

Models for exhibition stands and museums designed according to the customer's instructions to always ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction.
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Monochromatic and volumetric models

Monochromatic and volumetric models, processed with highly professional techniques and materials, designed to provide to the smallest detail, realistic and impeccable results
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Industrial models

Industrial scale models that highlight the features of the project, emphasizing the details and transmitting an incredible feel of reality.
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Technical architecture models

Technical architecture models for different sectors, which can also be made as separable models enabling a better understanding of internal spaces.
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Realistic models for house selling

Realistic models for house selling to offer to the customers as a miniature example of the available property: solutions that perfectly reflect the reality of the project.
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